Pet Titer Testing

Titer testing measures the level of antibodies in your pet’s blood to determine their ability to fight off particular diseases. These tests are extremely helpful to create a customized vaccination plan that keeps them healthy for years and minimizes the number of vaccinations they receive.

Understanding a Titer Test

At Veterinary Home Healthcare & Canine Chiropractic, we perform titer testing while analyzing your pet’s bloodwork to determine the strength of their immune system. If there are positive or high levels of antibodies in your pet’s system against commonly vaccinated diseases, we avoid those vaccines. If it is low, we encourage vaccination to boost their immunity.

It’s important to remember that antibody levels measured by a titer test do not indicate that they will remain consistent over time. Factors such as medications, health status, genetics, stress, and type of antigen stimulus may have an impact in the future.

When To Get a Titer Test for Your Pet

Titer Testing is a quick and easy alternative. Here are some situations that may signal the need for a titer test:

  • If your pet adversely reacts to vaccines

  • If your pet takes drugs that impact the immune system such as immune-modulating drugs, chemotherapeutic agents, and steroids

  • If your pet is exposed to diseases while traveling

  • If your pet has an immunocompromised disease or cancer

  • If you adopt a pet without a clear vaccine history

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