About Veterinary Home Healthcare

Quality veterinary care that is willing to come to you can be hard to find. If you’re seeking a compassionate veterinary team that will treat your pet with love, Veterinary Home Healthcare is here to serve!

We understand how important your pet’s health is, which is why we are dedicated to our dynamic and holistic approach. Holistic veterinary work is about more than just treating symptoms. It’s also about taking the time to get to know your pet. Having a full, holistic perspective allows us to prevent disease, heal illness, and build relationships along the way.

Led by our veterinarian Dr. Debbie Reynolds, our passion is helping dogs and cats live healthy and happy lives. We believe that pets are a part of the family, and they deserve to be treated with great respect and care.

Here are some of the reasons Veterinary Home Healthcare is unique and well-equipped to care for your pets. Dr. Debbie Reynolds:

Is a certified Fear Free practitioner.

This certification ensures that she will never restrain or manhandle your pet. She is dedicated to a gentle and soft approach, never forceful or intense. 

Makes house calls.

Veterinary Home Healthcare believes that comfort and safety are vital when it comes to serving the community. That’s why Dr. Reynolds insists on helping pets and pet owners where they feel safest – in their own homes.

Practices integrative medicine.

Essentially, this means she supports her patients through both traditional and holistic means.

Is a certified animal aromatherapist.

Dr. Reynolds is highly educated about the medicinal properties that essential oils can offer. She is a strong believer that God gave us this type of medicine to help us heal.

Is certified in hospice care.

At Veterinary Home Healthcare, we understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to your pet. Dr. Reynolds’ compassion and skillful understanding of terminal illness are beautiful tools in helping relieve your pet of their suffering.

Is a progressive veterinarian.

We believe in helping your pet thrive and not over-vaccinating them. To us, it’s important to have a bigger focus on holistic health and wellness, offering natural solutions to help your pet thrive and fight diseases.

Is a believer in Jesus Christ.

Veterinary Home Healthcare is a faith-based business. We believe that God guides all that we do, and gives us the strength to carry out our purpose.

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