Personalized Pet Biopsy Services

Veterinary Home Healthcare offers biopsies for your pet if deemed necessary. A biopsy is a procedure that determines whether or not your pet has cancer or other serious health conditions by removing a piece of tissue from the body and testing it in a laboratory setting.

Generally, a biopsy is necessary if your pet has a suspicious mass or tumor on the body.

What Does a Biopsy Procedure Look Like?

A biopsy usually takes about 15 minutes to an hour, including anesthesia and preparation time. The amount of time, and the procedure itself, varies depending on the type of tissue being extracted. The risk associated with a biopsy is usually low, but it is possible for postoperative infections and bleeding to occur.

Skin and internal organ biopsies may require a scalpel blade, biopsy punch, sterile drape, and/or biopsy needle. These tools are designed to remove suspicious tissue that will then be taken to a lab for evaluation. From there, the body is stitched up or surgically glued to protect the skin and lessen the risk of bleeding.

Needle biopsies require the insertion of a special needle into a suspicious area, extracting potentially harmful cells from the body. These cells will then be evaluated in a laboratory setting. Additionally, our veterinarian team may perform needle biopsies if your pet has enlarged lymph nodes or breast lumps.

What Happens After the Biopsy?

After the biopsy procedure, your pet may experience some temporary pain. Safe pain medications can be given as needed. During the healing process, it is encouraged to reduce physical activity until the stitches are removed (10 to 14 days later).

Schedule a Pet Biopsy With Veterinary Home Health Care

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