Pet Dental Cleaning in Martin, TN

As humans, we understand how important it is to maintain our oral hygiene. Unfortunately for our pets, they can’t brush and floss on their own. Chewing bones, dental treats, and water additives can help, but those habits aren’t enough to combat tartar and plaque buildup and maintain healthy gums. Maintaining your pet’s dental health is vital to their well-being.

Tooth decay, gum diseases, and other serious health issues may cause a lot of pain and discomfort for your pet without your knowledge.

If you have a dog or cat, we recommend getting their teeth cleaned yearly to prevent complications. Regular cleanings can remove tartar under the gum lines, prevent bone loss, and helps fight against possible infection.

What Does a Pet Dental Cleaning
Look Like?

During a typical pet dental visit, your pet will receive a dental examination, polishing, and teeth cleaning under general anesthesia. The veterinarian will then examine the mouth for any abnormalities such as periodontal disease and extract any teeth that may be causing your pet discomfort.

How to Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health on Your Own

Unfortunately, a dental cleaning isn’t always enough to keep your pet’s teeth healthy. Brushing their teeth regularly can greatly benefit your pet. Be sure to use pet toothpaste that is safe to swallow and pet-approved toothbrushes.

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Veterinary Home Health Care is a certified Fear Free practitioner. This means we prioritize your pet’s comfort and well-being above all else during dental exams and cleanings.

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