Welcome to Veterinary Home Healthcare

My name is Dr. Debbie Reynolds. I have a passion to help your pet live their best life. I have some unique qualifications that will enable me to do just that.

  • I make house calls. This means that I can observe, examine and treat your pet in the comfort of their home. I can evaluate them better by observing their lifestyle first hand.

  • I am a certified Fear Free practitioner. This means there will be no restraint or man-handling of your pet. It does mean they get extra treats and compassion. You will never see me be unfriendly in any way - verbally or physically - with your fur family.

  • I am certified in Animal Aromatherapy. I have completed hundreds of hours of education and completed a certification course in the use of essential oils for your pet. I believe God gave us this medicine to use for healing and wellness on ourselves and our pets.

  • I practice integrative medicine. This means that I have all of the pharmaceutical options, but I also can offer holistic healing by the use of other modalities.

  • I am certified in Hospice Care. This means I can help your pet in their geriatric years and also if they have a terminal illness. I can help you navigate difficult decisions during this difficult time. I can help walk you through the process of natural death or euthanasia and I can also perform euthanasias in the home.

  • I am progressive veterinarian. This means I stay current and relevant. I follow the guidelines of using minimal vaccinations. We should be helping your pet thrive, not over-vaccinating them. We customize each pet’s need for vaccinations and use the absolute minimum that is required. We believe in promoting health and wellness with natural supplements so that their body can function as it was meant to which helps fight diseases and pathogens.

  • I am a believer in Jesus Christ. This means that I know how much God loves his creation of all life. I pray for my patients and I also ask God for guidance and help. I have personally witnessed some of my patients miraculous healings against all medical odds.

Appointments available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:30pm




Debbie and her crew are amazing. Who knew people still made house calls? That's awesome. You can tell they really care for animals and they know what they're doing as well. They got my kitten fixed up in record time and without breaking the bank. If you're looking for the best around, look no further!



I love Dr. Debbie! She is awesome. She is so loving and compassionate towards all animals and people. She provides good care and compassion to all pets at a reasonable price. She is easy to make an appointment with and does not rush through the appointment. She spends time making the pet comfortable to ease their nervousness and thoroughly explains everything to the owner. She makes it convenient and stress free for everyone. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Debbie and her staff. I recommend Veterinary Home Healthcare to anyone with a pet!



Dr. Debbie and her staff are not only highly competent but they are also very compassionate with their patients. We have four canines and each and every one of them enjoy it when Dr. Debbie and her team make a house call. They always welcome them with tails wagging.
So gone are the days of loading them all up and taking them to a strange place with strange smells. Our doggies are able to get all their needs met and never leave the comforts of their home. It is a win-win situation all the way around. We are so glad that we chose to allow Dr. Debbie and her team to care for our babies.