Pet Palliative Care and Pet Hospice Care in Martin

Palliative and hospice care provides comforting services for your pets as they age or after they are diagnosed with a terminal illness. These conditions may include chronic kidney disease, congestive heart disease, various forms of cancer, diabetes, and more.

At Veterinary Home Healthcare, we understand your pet is a vital part of your family. Because of this, we know that opting for palliative or hospice care is often a very difficult and emotional decision to make. In their final days, they deserve compassionate, loving, and tender care.

What Does Holistic Palliative or Pet Hospice Care Look Like?

When it comes to palliative and hospice care, the most important part is managing pain and making your beloved pet’s remaining days as comfortable as possible. This may include different forms of therapy, medication, and nutritional supplements. Here are some examples of what these services can look like:

Massage therapy

A great way for your pet to relax is through massage therapy. This holistic practice is administered through a trained provider and can bring great comfort to your pet.

Physical Therapy:

This may help with mobility and pain management, offering a higher quality of life during this time.

Pain Management:

Although we do our best to treat palliative care from a holistic perspective, pain management such as pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications may be the best option for your pet.

At Veterinary Home Healthcare, we offer these services and more to help your pet stay as comfortable as possible at the end of their lives. We are also here to support you every step of the way and will provide guidance and comfort where we can.

Schedule At-Home Palliative and Hospice Care with Veterinary Home Healthcare

Veterinary Home Healthcare is a certified Fear Free practitioner. This means we prioritize your pet’s comfort and well-being during palliative and hospice care. We’ll do everything we can to keep your pet comfy during this challenging time. Familiarity and compassion are top priorities when treating your pets.

If you are seeking pet palliative care or pet hospice care, fill out our easy online contact form, or reach out to us by phone or email.