Minor Pet Surgery

Any surgery, no matter how minor, can be stressful for pets and their parents. At Veterinary Home Healthcare, we understand that your pets are part of your family. Electing to have minor surgery for your pet can be heartbreaking, nerve-racking, and flat-out difficult.

While complications are always possible, pet surgeries are generally low-risk. Pre-surgical protocols, pain control measures, anesthesia, pre-surgery medication, and vital sign measurement have developed dramatically in recent years. Modern veterinary medicine has continued to improve, allowing pet owners to feel more safe and secure.

Veterinary Home Healthcare is dedicated to offering compassionate service to you and your pet. This includes a full run-down of the procedure so you have a full understanding of what to expect.

Examples of Minor Surgeries

Not all surgeries are medical emergencies. Some are preventive measures that can serve your pet in the long term. Here are some examples of minor surgery options and why they are done:

Spaying and Neutering for Cats and Dogs

Getting your pet neutered or spayed is a simple procedure with limited recovery time. Neutering or spaying is a procedure designed to remove your pet’s reproductive organs. There are many benefits of spay/neuter surgeries, including:

  • Decreased aggression in males
  • Lower risk of certain diseases
  • No chance of unwanted litters

Mass Removals

Noticing a mass on your animal can be alarming, but some may not be a cause for concern. Fatty tumors known as Lipomas are common in middle-aged and older animals and pose no threat unless they are in an area that causes discomfort, like in a joint.

If you notice a lump on your animal, please reach out to us at Veterinary Home Healthcare & Canine Chiropractic. We can assess your pet’s condition and provide you with next steps. If surgery is necessary, we will administer the procedure with the utmost care and love.

Scheduling a Minor Pet Surgery With Veterinary Home Healthcare

Veterinary Home Healthcare is a certified Fear Free practitioner. This means we prioritize your pet’s comfort and well-being during their minor surgery.

If your pet needs minor surgery, fill out our easy online contact form, or reach out to us by phone or email.