Culture Is Key at Veterinary Home Healthcare & Canine Chiropractic

At Veterinary Home Healthcare & Canine Chiropractic, our culture sets the tone for everything we do. For us, pets are family and should be treated as such.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Debbie Reynolds, has led the way for our team since 2001. Dr. Reynolds believes that your pet’s physical and emotional well-being should be cared for equally. In her 22 years of experience, she has learned that having a holistic approach is vital to your pet’s health.

We are a Faith-Based Business

Veterinary Home Healthcare & Canine Chiropractic is a faith-based business. We believe that God guides our hearts, minds, and hands in all that we do. Our service to God and the world is to bring great comfort, support, and healing to people and their pets. We offer our undivided attention to each of our clients, giving them all the time they need to feel heard and cared for.

We Give Back to Our Community

Our team is proud to partner with the non-profit, Keeper’s Mission. This incredible organization serves the pets of the homeless and impoverished in West Tennessee to ensure they have a better quality of life. The values of Keeper’s Mission resonate deeply with our own cause, and we are happy to support them.

Want to Learn More About Veterinary Home Health Care?

If you’d like to learn more about the culture at Veterinary Home Health Care, contact us directly with any questions you may have.