SAVE $$$ - Custom Parasite Protection

Enjoy savings and flexibility with a custom made parasite protection program for your pet.  You can consult with Dr. Reynolds to determine the combination of products that are best for your pet and start saving money right away!  The pharmacy will mail the medication directly to your home at no extra cost to you.  They also guarantee their product to work!  The prices are for any size dog up to 225 pounds.  One price for all sizes, but they are custom made for your dog or cat.

*For the guarantee on heart worm preventive - a negative heart worm test is needed prior to getting your prescription* This is necessary only if you wish to have the pharmacy's guarantee.  You do not have to do this in order to purchase the product.

You get all of these products incapsule form and are made especially for your pet and mailed to your home:

  • Heart worm prevention
  • Tapeworm treatment and prevention
  • Hookworm and Roundworm treatment and prevention
  • Whipworm treatment and prevention
  • Flea birth control (not preventive)

All of these ingredients are in capsule form and come as 12 month supply for $80.00 for any sized dog or cat.

Additionally, you can purchase a flea, tick and mosquito preventive that will last your pet one entire year.  For any size dog or cat this costs $80 - for a ONE YEAR supply!