Dr. Debbie Reynolds

Meet our veterinarian Dr. Debbie Reynolds. She grew up locally in the small town of Sharon. She graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 1998 and went on to complete her degree at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 2001. Dr. Reynolds began Veterinary Home Healthcare in 2011, and has since expanded her unique business to include a pet boutique, The Blessed Pet Shop and a continually growing e-commerce store. Dr. Reynolds practices integrative medicine and is certified in Animal Aromatherapy, Hospice & Palliative Care, and is a certified Fear Free practitioner. However, it's more than her education and sixteen plus years of veterinary experience that makes her such an incredible doctor. Dr. Reynolds has a genuine love for all of her patients and clients. She strives to create a fear-free atmosphere for all our beloved patients and provides compassionate medical care right in the comfort of their homes. Finally, and most importantly, is her faith in God that guides her mind, heart and hands to provide the best veterinary care possible to all she is called to steward over. Dr. Reynolds lives in Martin with her husband, Wayne, of 27 years and their three beautiful children Ivy, Chesney and Cruz. Their family also includes a lizard named Cinderella, a tabby cat named Spider, and two mixed breed dogs Carlton, and Judah, who was rescued from Death Row Doggies. 




Jessica Johnson 

Jessica has been working as a veterinary assistant at Veterinary Home Healthcare for over a year now. She lives in Fulton. If you want someone helping your pet that loves them as much as you, and has twice as much patience as you do with them - that’s Jessica. Jessica has three lovely dogs - Patrick, Nicholas and Josephine, whom she adores. It was over a year ago that I was looking on Facebook and saw the pictures from her dog, Patrick’s, birthday party. I knew as soon as I saw those pictures that I wanted her to work for me. Jessica is very picky and particular about her pets and I know if I can win her approval, I’m doing well. I have worked with dozens of assistants, technicians, interns, students and Jessica is hands down the kindest person I have seen with animals. No matter the situation I have never seen her think an angry thought towards an animal. This is an amazing virtue. I can completely trust her and count on her to be there and remember everything that has to be remembered (which is a ton of stuff!) It makes work fun because we both are crazy about all of our patients and I know I can completely trust her. Jessica is also instrumental with our social media and especially our pet shop blog and Pinterest account. She comes up with the amazing headlines and has an eye for design and how things should look. She pays tremendous attention to detail and we always look to Jessica for editing anything that is going to print.



Michelle Nicholson

We are so blessed to have Michelle as our office manager at Veterinary Home Healthcare. Michelle has been married to Chris for 12 years and has three beautiful children, Annabel, Annetta and Eli. She has two fur kids; Sally, a lazy English Bulldog, and Cosmos, a wild tabby cat. We reap the benefits of her prior work experience at other clinics in more progressive areas around Chattanooga. She is one of those people that when you ask her to do something, she has already done it in a way that is better than you could imagine. She keeps everything from scheduling appointments to medication well organized. Michelle lends a listening ear and compassionate heart anytime a client calls concerned about their pet.

Being a mom to three young children and a wife to a pastor we were convinced she would be no fun. But she proved us wrong immediately! She has such a great sense of humor and she is always so positive that it makes boring office work fun! She could work anywhere in the world but yet she chose us! We are forever grateful for her and her awesome work abilities!